Assignment 1- Sara Shalam

Peter L Gluck & Partners- The Modern Impulse. book cover
Peter L Gluck & Partners- the modern impulse. book cover
the modern impulse - spread
the modern impulse – spread

While browsing through the monographs, I found this book exhibiting Peter L Gluck’s work. The cover seemed interesting as it was three dimensional; the letter G was carved into it and the letter P was carved into the back cover. The spreads were designed with both color, and black and white images of many sizes that were purposely not aligned. Some images are indented on the page while others are full bleed. Very little text is used and white space is abundant. I’m not exactly sure what it says about his work, but I think it might be a comment on unconventionality. Somehow, it does not read as unprofessional or non-architectural but rather as some kind of curated off kilter-ness.


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