Assignment 3 – Paul

Architecture is a machine, an algorithm, an instrument that is employed in an attempt to prescribe normative space. In this interaction humans become both input and operator, being consumed by the building and consuming through it. The spa attempts to unfold this dialectic into a linear procession from engine room to cathedral, from the practical to the sublime, from Centre Pompidou to Amiens. Literally lifted off the ground the building creates a vacuum in which its users are able to navigate gradients of transparency and functionality, becoming increasingly obscure as  they ascend the structure. The building’s tripartite Aristotelian division suggests a narrative that opposes and complements the adjacent place of worship. Its auxiliary program, a library, provides a place of contemplation and respit that fractures the linear progression of the remaining building and ultimately gives expression to the irreducible dialectic the building as a whole attempts to circumscribe.