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Architecture is a productive tension, wherein the architect both mediates and enhances the forces at play. The site of Play Mix Learn is one of many co-located schoolyards in the city that experiences the tension between public and charter school institutions. Further partitions between the spatial actors within the school create an environment where the physical structure seeks to control what activities can happen and when they are allowed on a highly disciplined level. The urban garden play structure proposed by Play Mix Learn aims to dispel the physical barriers that have created tensions between the actors in order to transform that tension into an environment where a traditional curriculum can be enhanced by the act of play in learning so that the environment becomes a source of education.

SITUATION (again): The world’s cities have transitioned to a purely artificially produced diet in order to maximize capital efficiency. Any sort of traces of organic production have become kitsch experiences for the upper classes so that the urban garden learning centers of the cities established long ago have become highly criticized as wastes of tax payer money.