Assignment 2 — Lauren Espeseth


Architecture is for the curious, but everyday it’s made boring. It’s made boring by boring people who are boring because they are bored by things that shouldn’t be boring to begin with. So it’s not necessarily their fault—but is it the chicken or the egg? In any case, we have chickens and we have eggs. Let the chickens be curious and eggs will follow suit.

This auxiliary school yard green house design enhances curiosity with a structure that amuses users’ physical and visual access and inaccess to the learning and eating material with a system of solids and voids that provide a kaleidoscope-like evolving environment.

Now that virtual reality experiences have replaced children’s need to interact with earth’s ecological processes as a means of learning, this educational greenhouse has been entirely forsaken. It is so overrun with vegetation that it is longer inhabitable. The plants’ untamed growth as they thirst for sunlight has compromised the structure. It is now a safety hazard for children in the school yard.

Assignment 1 — Lauren Espeseth



For a firm that makes such concrete work, the set up of this book is pretty abstract. I like that they seem to value the influence of text over images, but with that, they can be even more misleading (as it’s often simpler to mislead with a word than it is with an image). Abstracting descriptions from images to text makes it all even more abstract. While the titles and imaging is interesting and conceptual, the layout is pretty predictable, which is frustrating when the words and images are uncomfortably small on such a large page. Though I think white space can do a lot for layout, here it feels forced, again like they’re trying to be something they’re not.